70+ African Hair Braiding Styles for Every Braid Size and All Hair Lengths

K&D African Hair Braiding is the go-to spot for braid lovers from Bay Shore, Long Island and all over New York City.

Along the coasts of West Africa, lie the nations that make up the former empires that influenced the styles that we, here in the United States, have embraced and adapted over the years. At K&D, we offer a wide array of natural braiding services including 70-plus styles and counting.

Raising the bar, we keep up to date with the new trends and styling techniques, while melding former techniques to satisfy every generation of our patrons. We ensure that our guests are educated on healthy hair practices providing recommendations for styles that protect your hair while also bringing out the best you.

We Are a Walk-In Salon

That means you don’t need to make an appointment, just come on in. On the weekends, it gets busy. So we provide an online sign-in sheet for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to reserve your place in line. See our scheduler page to save your spot. The sign-in sheet is available starting at 7:00 p.m. every Thursday (for Friday service), Friday (for Saturday service) and Saturday (for Sunday service). During the rest of the week, give us a call or just pop in.

Let us know the style you want and we’ll match the right stylist to you. Not sure? Look through our headshot galleries to find the braiding style you want for you.

Want to know more about us? Read about our store history.